Training: day thirteen

The Changing Man

Another small milestone on my journey to fitness on Monday. I managed eight, three minute jogs with a minute's rest between each one. Just three weeks ago, that would have been unthinkable. I feel like a changed man. For the first time, I'm beginning to believe that I'll be fit enough by June to actually finish the race.

I keep on seeing articles in the press about running, so it seems as though I'm following some sort of trend which I never like to knowingly do. I suppose its the perfect credit crunch (that's another pound in the swear box) exercise - not much special equipment required (apart from shoes) and no gym fees.

There was one in The Times and there's one in this month's Sainsbury's magazine too. It features a plan for building up to running for 20 minutes, which I would have followed if I'd seen it earlier. I'm quite well into my 30 minute plan so I'd feel as though I was copping out if I switched now.

I picked up Michel Roux Jnr's book The Marathon Chef:Food for Getting Fit for a song on Amazon recently. The recipes are delicious and I'm cooking quite a bit from it this week. An unexpected bonus is the excellent section on breads; I made the soft rye buns on Sunday and served them toasted for breakfast with spinach, poached eggs and bacon (another recipe from the book).

In order to cut down on calories, I've pretty much stopped eating sandwiches entirely but I have been baking quite a lot of bread. Its extremely rewarding and surprisingly easy. Ferran Adria's innovative molecular gastronomy is all very well but there's nothing more amazing in the whole of cookery than combining a bit of flour, water and yeast, knocking it about, putting it in the oven and thirty minutes later producing a warm loaf.


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