Galvin's Chance tower race training:day eight

It's a beautiful day

A poor show today. Was out for around 40 minutes but only managed about 6 minutes of running. That goes to prove what I knew already that spending the day in London, lunching at Corrigan's restaurant in Mayfair (review to follow at soon) and a private preview dinner of Bjorn and Justine van der Horst's forthcoming Eastside Inn is not the best way to prepare for a training session. In my defence, I did walk for well over an hour in London yesterday and was crossing Hyde Park just as the sun was setting over the Serpentine. Despite the chill in the air, it felt very much as though spring had sprung.

If I'm travelling up to London from Brighton, I like to try and pack in as much as possible, so I'd rather do lunch and dinner in one day that make two seperate trips as it saves on time and money. However, if that's going to put my training into jeopardy, I may have to rethink.

I'll also have to schedule in runs during my forthcoming "research trip" (i.e. three days of non-stop eating and drinking) for a foodie travel feature on Cologne. As I'm travelling alone, it will be pretty easy to do so, but group press trips where the itinerary tends to be packed with very little free time will be more problematic.

All clear from the doctor today. Overall, I'm in the low risk catagory for heart disease and incredibly (given all the rich food i eat) my cholesterol at 4.7 is fine. I just need to shift a couple of stones and my blood pressure should reduce. You could make foie gras from my fatty liver, but there's no unreversable damage done and that will recover as I continue to cut down on the booze. For someone of my weight, age and lifestyle, its about as good a result as I could have hoped for.

That means I can commit to the training programme with no health concerns. On today's showing, the idea of me over doing it are slim, but I still need to take things steady, if only to avoid injury.


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