Training: day ten

The Weight

So I drove all the way from Brighton to Blackheath to borrow my brother's running machine -thinking how great it would be to have a flat surface I could run on in all weathers while listening to The Fall on the stereo - only to find that when I got there I wouldn't be able to use it afterall. Neither of us had considered that I would exceed the treadmill's upper weight limit of 100kg.

I had wasted an afternoon, not too mention a few quids worth of petrol, and ended up feeling depressed about my weight to boot. And what did I do to cheer myself up? I bought a pair of electronic bathroom scales to find out exactly how much weight I'd put on, down to the last gram.

The good news was that I'd lost a few pounds since being weighed at the doctors surgery a week or so ago, but I've still got a long way to go. Running up stairs takes twice the amount of calories as running on the flat so I really need to shift as much weight as possible before raceday to give myself a good chance of at least finishing. The fewer kilo's I have to haul up those 475 stairs the better.

I gave myself the day off training today, a mistake I know but I'm still feeling the after effects of Monday's run and was not motivated to add to my aches and pains. I will however make up for it tomorrow and also run on Saturday to get back on track.


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