Galvin's Chance tower race training: day nine


After Friday's disastrous session, I replaced Saturday's run with a long walk on Brighton's pebble beach. Although it was still exercise, I felt like the wheels were starting to come off my training schedule so today I was determined to do well. For the first time since starting the training, I knew from the moment I put on my running gear that I was going to be able to complete the session. I felt rested and full of energy so wasn't surprised when I completed the 10 reps of two minutes running and one walking. It was something of a breakthrough for me and proof that my fitness is improving already

However, before I get too excited, its worth putting this apparent triumph into context. When I say “running” what I actually mean is two minutes of plodding round a field accompanied by a great deal of huffing and puffing. The casual observer would probably find it difficult to determine the difference between my walking and running pace.

I'm also hopelessly behind in my running schedule. According to Sunbird, I should be running for five minutes and walking for one by now. I'm unlikely to catch up with it, so have decided to follow my own regime. The Runner's World schedule may be for beginners, but its a bridge too far for this 44 year old beginner with a BMI of 37 and a bit of a drinking problem.

Instead, I'm going to run three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday rather than their suggested four, thereby giving myself the whole of the weekend off to recover. I'll still be building up my running time but more gradually, increasing on a weekly basis rather than from session to session. That means I've got two more sessions of two minutes running and one walking to complete this week and I'll only increase to three minutes of running to one of walking next week.

If I feel I can do more, then I will but I'll listen to my body rather than try and stick to a strict regime for the sake of it. I may also leave my first 5k run until May when I should be able to finish in something like a respectable time, rather than attempt the April event and have to walk half of it.


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