Training: day fifteen

The same old song

The two sessions since I last posted both went extremely well. I'm now up to five minutes jogging and one minutes rest repeated five times. It didn't feel particularly hard work at the time and I recovered very quickly.

Because I'm hauling my 37 BMI bulk around for 30 minutes which I've hitherto mostly alowed to remain in a prone position, my muscles and bones complain long and loud after a session. So I need to take it steady and train slightly within my current capacity to ensure I can complete three runs a week.

Further proof of my improved fitness came on Sunday when my wife and I took Lulu out for a walk in the woods. Its quite a hilly route which would usually have me breathing heavily, but this time I managed it with ease.

Since then however, a minor disaster has struck my schedule in the form of a developing cold/flu. My son was bedridden with it last week and I've been feeling progressively worse since Tuesday night when I crawled into bed, shivering and feverish. It hasn't broken yet, so I'm hoping it may pass but I've missed one run already and won't be out today.

Training has hit rather a boring period of consolidation and I seem to be singing the same old song, so until things get a bit more interesting (my first race in May for example)I intend to simply post a summary of my sessions in the following format e.g. 5 x 5 minute running, 1 minute rest and then blog about more interesting things.


David Hall said…
Andy - that is the worst part of running for me, I always get bloody colds and flus! I was picking the running up to 1 hour then 2 weeks back it struck, so just off out now for my 1st in 2 weeks...
Andy Lynes said…
Felt v. down about not being able to get out (addicted already!) but feeling a lot livelier today so planning to go out tomrrow all being well.

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