Galvin's Chance tower race training: day six

Dry county

Out goes the chocolate biscuits and crisps, in come fruit, nuts and seeds. The shopping basket does look different this week, what with all the brown rice and peppermint tea. I'm turning into Neil off of the Young Ones. I think I'll go and hide those Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison albums.

This week's menu includes a few old favourites such as roasted veg with cous cous and grilled chicken with lentils du puy, but I've also thought up a new dish: prawn, avocado, chickpea and chilli salad. It's inspired by Richard Corrigan's Langoustines with Spiced Chick Peas and Shaun Hill's Fish Soup with Garlic, Saffron and Chilli . I'll post the recipe once I've cooked it on Saturday, as I'm not exactly sure how it's all going to come together until then.

Absolutely no alcohol this week either, although I am out in London on Thursday for lunch and dinner so will need to watch what I drink then, but considering that I've greatly exceeded the recommended 21 units a week on a regular basis for years, anything is going to be an improvement.

A boring day today with just a walk and then fasting this evening in preperation for my blood tests tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll get the results soon and can make firm plans for the future.

I'm already feeling the benefits from my new regime and am getting a better night's sleep, feeling a little fitter and a bit less fat (although I made the mistake of measuring my waist earlier this morning and made exactly the same sound as Homer Simpson when he weighs himself on the bathroom scales).

Having completely ignored my health and diet for many years, I'm now getting a bit obsessed with it which is just as bad. The sooner it becomes a routine part of my life, the sooner I'll be able to expend less time and energy thinking about it.


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