Training: day fourteen

Second hand daylight

I consolidated my progress on Wednesday by repeating my success of Monday with another series of eight, three minute jogs. I was able to "sprint" the final 100m and now feel like I'm working well within my capabilities so its probably time to step things up a bit. Four minute jogs from now on?

I'm getting bored running under the tyranny of the second hand of the stop watch, checking every few strides to see how much longer I've got to carry on for. The sooner I can just get out and run, the more enjoyable the sessions will become. However, it is proving a highly effective way of building up my fitness so maybe I should be patient and stick to the plan. I don't want to risk over doing it and injuring myself.

Yesterday in London eating at The Wolseley (vanilla millefuille highly recommended) and Tamarai (beef satay highly recommended) punctuated by 90 minutes of wandering the streets searching unsuccessfully for preserved lemons (in shops you understand; I'm not labouring under the misapprehension that the streets of London are paved with Moroccan-style salted citrus fruits) and topped off by a late night has probably set my training back a bit. I was feeling very tired today and have consequently deferred my final session of the week until Saturday when I fully intend to put in some hard work.


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