Galvin's Chance tower race training: day three

High Tension Line

New running shorts arrived, but could only squeeze into one pair, despite them both being XXL. Oh dear. Discovered that I've been stretching incorrectly and that leaning on a tree is not the best way to loosen up your calf muscles. Standing upright, putting your weight on one leg while lifting your toes up towards your shin is better as it doesn't put a strain on your lower back and neck. In fact there's a whole debate about stretching in general that I need to investigate further. It's a contentious issue. Who knew.

Today's run was as hard as I expected it to be, and wasn't helped by it actually being sunny at midday when I headed out. However, I managed to complete all 10 reps of one minute running and 2 minutes walking, although it felt like torture. I'm not looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. I keep telling myself that the first week is the hardest.

The check up at the doctor's today was not the walk in the park I expected. I knew he was going to tell me I was overweight (my BMI is 37) and that I should drink less. What I hadn't expected was a blood pressure reading of 170/110. That's dangerously high and I've now got to go back for blood tests and another blood pressure reading on Wednesday to ensure it wasn't a one off unusually high reading.

I'm ok to continue my training at the current level. Exercise and weight loss, along with moderating my alcohol intake will be key to decreasing my blood pressure. I can expect it to fall in due course as long as there is no secondary cause such as diabeties which the GP seemed to think was unlikely, although I'm not quite sure why. But I could need medication to get it down to a safe level. Fingers crossed that won't be the case.

The Fall: High Tension Line


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