Galvin's Chance tower race training: day two

A walk in the woods

The only side effect from yesterday's inaugural run is slightly aching calf muscles. However, I'm glad all I have to do today is 30 mintues of easy walking. Friday and Saturday's runs will be tougher, and I know that I'll feel progressively more tired as the week goes on.

At the moment, the excitement of getting back into shape is spurring me on, as well as little things like buying kit, setting up my schedule and even researching the best way to tie my shoelaces.

But that won't last for long. Training will settle into a routine and I know that somedays I'll struggle to get myself motivated at all.

In the meantime I have a doctors appointment to look forward to, my first for a number of years and my first ever physical check up. Given the state of the NHS and the sort of pressure GPs are under these days, I'm expecting no more than a blood pressure test and a couple of questions about my diet, so I may try and get an appointment at a Wellman clinic where I can get a blood and urine test too.

Next week I plan to nip over to Blackheath and pick up my brother's currently unused running machine. He is far fitter and thinner than I am and has just completed the Brighton half marathon, but he does all his running on the road. The machine appeals to me partly because of the novelty but also because it will provide a completely flat surface to run on. Not having to run up hills at this early stage will be bliss, although I will have to incorporate hill work later on. I am training for a tower race after all.

It will also make it easier to monitor my speed - not important now, but useful for later on when I'm trying to decrease my minutes per mile. Currently I'm completing a mile of running and walking in about 15 minutes which is frankly pathetic. My first goal once I'm running continuously is 10 minutes and ultimately I'd like to get that down to 7.5 but I'd settle for 8 minutes. For a 3.2km race, that will be pretty slow, but there is the small matter of 475 stairs to consider.

The Fatima Mansions: A walk in the woods


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