Foodie predictions for 2015

Think 2014 was a great year for foodies? Then think again because 2015 is set to be a great year for foodies like 2014 was a great year for foodies, but even better. Than 2014 was. Why? Because things will happen that haven't happened before, or at least not in quite the same way, making it one of the best years for foodies that people will be able to remember once it's all over. But it's not over yet, so here's Kitchen Person's 2015 foodie hot list for 2015.

Simply follow our hot tips for the coming year and 2015 will be your foodie-ist year ever. Unless you followed loads and loads of tips last year and it was a really amazing foodie year in which case its going to pretty difficult to top. Here's a tip. Don't follow quite so many foodie tips next year and then you'll be able to create an upward trend that, if you're careful, won't top out until say 2022 and then you'll be able to legitimately start again and keep on having great foodie years until you die of a diet-related disease. Happy New Year!!

1. Die-hard foodies are set to flock to Stamford Hill where Lickspittle, the world's first restaurant built entirely from kale and condescension opens in early Feb. Menu details are sketchy but expect small plates such as damp sausage with fermented rage alongside a wide selection of pickled waiters.

2. British supermarkets will be sneered from the retail parks and high streets by the culinary elite and driven underground. Buying a prawn ring from Iceland will become edgy, the gastronomic equivalent of bare knuckle fighting, resulting in a slew of arch, knowing and wordless magazine photo features, signalling the return of supermarkets to the mainstream, albeit re-branded as 'artisan food halls' and selling the same stock as ever, but all wrapped in butcher's paper.

3. Somewhere remote, difficult to pronounce and with virtually no cuisine to speak of is the new must-go-to foodie hot spot. Don't let the fact that its one and only speciality is served in a restaurant in Acton that's far superior to anything you'd find the native country put you off going- book as soon as you read the broadsheet double page spread.

4. Someone, somewhere will serve a de-constructed Aztec Bar as a dessert. They will have an ironic look on their face as they do it. The bill will be presented with home made Black Jacks and Fruit Salads.

5. By the end of 2015, your bill for monthly mail order food and drink clubs will far exceed your mortgage payments. You will come to your senses just before you hit the PayPal option for Heritage Carrot Club.

6. If you want to drink right then think right and get in early on the home brewed Tizer craze that's set to sweep the nation next year as part of the locavore soft drink movement heading our way from the states very soon.

7. Participate in Eat Dirt, the government-backed campaign to help address the impending food security apocalypse by encouraging ordinary families to chow down on soil from their own gardens (Londoners should ignore this tip and continue to eat in a newly opened restaurant everyday, but are encouraged to spare a thought for less fortunate provincials).

8. Drink, like, a really cool cocktail? In some bar or other?

9. From 6-14 March, Italian superstar chef Adalberto Abandonato brings his 96 course birdsong-inspired tasting menu to central London. Abandonato's cooking is so progressive that diners don't actually eat any food but are 'forced to sense the taste, texture and aroma through the chef's psychic will and sheer force of personality'. From £999 per head plus matched psychic 'wines'.

10. Condensed milk is the ingredient for 2015. Whether it's served chilled in its cute retro can as a pre-dinner drink, cascaded into soups, stews and chip pans or simply roasted over an open pit fire, this versatile and massively sweetened dairy product will add zing to any switched on cook's repertoire next year.   


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