Training: day twelve

Walking the dog

The local youth football team had occupied my usual training ground on Saturday (I must have a word with them about that) so I was reduced to running up and down the flat bit of the adjoining recreation ground. In fact, its not flat at all and I've noticed that any uneveness is magnified by ten when I'm out jogging. All I want to do is put one foot in front of the other, and I really object to expending extra effort getting up an incline or avoiding pot holes.

Lulu the pointer is quite a pain to take running. I'll have to stop mid-jog at least once to pick up her poo, and I have to put up with her barking madly as she races after the local wildlife in an attempt to kill it (unsuccessfully so far). On Saturday she found a ball in the bushes and ran ahead of me, dropping the ball at my feet wanting me to throw it for her. I managed to kick it once or twice as I jogged past, but she was mostly disappointed.

Although I love to go out unencumbered, leaving her at home is not an option. She gets extremely excited when she sees me putting on my running shoes, and starts pacing and whining in anticipation of a walk; the idea of disappointing her doesn't even enter my head.

Despite the doggy distractions, it was another good session incorporating several 3 minute bursts of jogging. My legs still feel very tight, but at least they only hurt while I'm running so there's no damage done. I'm still slowly losing weight and the exercise seems to be having a positive effect on my appetite. I'm not missing the sweet stuff, and I appreciate it much more when I do have a biscuit or a cake.


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