Training: day eleven

I can't go to sleep

Another really good session yesterday, the two day break did me a lot of good. I not only managed the full 10 reps of 2 minutes running, but topped it off with a 3 minute "sprint" finish. When I say sprint, I mean I increased my speed from a plod to a jog, but it was something of a breakthrough for me nevertheless.

I only got out of breath towards the end of the session and recovered quickly between the runs. The only thing stopping me from pushing myself harder was my aching calf muscles which felt very tight and quite painful. There doesn't seem to be much I can do about the problem apart from ensuring I'm properly hydrated and keep stretching in the correct way. I plan to increase to 3 minutes running to every 1 of walking from tomorrow to see how that goes.

With the exercise progressing quite well and diet much improved with a big reduction in alcohol, chocolate and crisps and an increase in fresh fruit, veggies and fish, the last piece of the puzzle is getting a good night's sleep to ensure I'm in the best condition to train.

With the increased physical activity, I had anticipated that I'd be out like a light but not a bit of it. My comment in an earlier post about getting a better night's sleep was a little premature. Instead of feeling tired, I've got extra energy which is exacerbating the usual difficulty I have in trying to nod off. I find it very hard to shut my brain up, which insists on entertaining itself when it really ought to be resting. There are some good tips for a good nights sleep here which might just do the job, but maybe all I need is a nice cup of cocoa and some relaxing music.


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