Galvin's Chance tower race training: day four

The Back of Love

My back has been aching a bit during and after running, but no longer! A few simple stretches seems to have eased the problem considerably. That didn't make today's session any easier. I thought I'd have to give up at the fifteen minute mark but I pushed on and the one minute runs became easier to complete. I am however very glad to have a days rest tomorrow.

Despite my hypertension, I'm going to have a glass or two this evening to help me relax and spend tomorrow doing as little as possible. The health issue has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. Up until yesterday afternoon's bombshell, I'd been feeling better than I have in years. Now I know that getting healthy could be a little more complicated than I'd anticipated. Voluntary changes of lifestyle suddendly becoming mandatory ones puts things in a different light.

That said, I intend to stick to my training plan until advised otherwise. Although I'm finding it a challenge, it's a gradual and gentle regime and one that won't put me in danger. He says. Like he knows what he's talking about all of a sudden.

I'm booked in for blood work and ECG on Wednesday so should have the results fairly soon. Till then its business as usual, although I'll be looking closely at my diet from here on in and at ways of managing stress. You may think that being a food writer is a piece of piss, but pitching for commissions, meeting deadlines and the tyranny of the blank page are no joke.


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